Biko Bean

Bantu Stephen Biko (1946-1977) Born into an Indigenous Xhosa family in Tarkastad, South Africa; as a medical student at the University of Natal, Biko joined the National Union of South African Students to oppose the cruel institutionalized racism governing much of South African society called Apartheid. In 1968 he founded the South African Students’ Organization to center Black voices in the Anti-Apartheid movement. Even before his death at the hands of the South African police, Biko became a globally recognized voice for Black Consciousness and Black Power. Popular References: Cry Freedom (1987) starring Denzel Washington as Biko; ‘Biko’ (1980) by Peter Gabriel Local Resources: MTU Library: The Testimony of Steve Biko (1978) by Stephen Biko 		      I Write What I Like (1973-1978) by Stephen Biko
Stephen Biko Bean Snap pole bean developed by Peace Seeds in Corvallis, OR Plant seeds 1’’ deep, 4’’ apart – thin to 8’’ Grows up to 8ft tall along strong poles or trellises If using a bean teepee, plant 4-8 seeds per pole and thin to 2-4 Pods can be harvested at any time If they easily snap – prepare them as green beans If they are more rubbery and the seeds have a distinct shape in the pod, shell the seeds for fresh use or drying    Seed Saving:  Choose healthy looking plants and beans. Ideally allow pods to turn tan and become papery before harvesting. If this is not possible, allow pods to sit and dry. Remove beans from dried pods by hand, and once fully dry, store in cool dry conditions.